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My Love for Exploring the World

Updated: May 28, 2023

Many have asked me about why I love exploring the world…here is my story!

Hi, I'm Brenda.

Myself and my husband Fred live on the furthest edge of North America on an island in the North Atlantic.

We are avid explorers and I'm an artist and photographer. We've been to 3 Continents, 30 Countries, 8 Provinces & 2 Territories in Canada, 44 States in the USA, over 600 cities and towns, and still counting!

Planes, trains, automobiles, cruise ships, ferry boats, subways, cow paths and cobblestone roads - I've done it all!

I love sharing the knowledge of our trips and explorations to help others plan their best vacation yet!

myself and husband Fred standing overlooking a fjord in Norway
Me and hubby Fred overlooking Geirangerfjord in Norway

My First Real Trip

When I was 10, I went on my first real trip – my Dad was on a work exchange with his company and we lived in Manchester England for 3 months with him. On weekends, my parents booked several weekend excursions for us, including Edinburgh Scotland (where my fascination with castles started), Llandudno Wales (a lovely beachside town) and London England (oh the history!). While I was too young to make any plans myself of course, I enjoyed exploring wherever we were!

Queen's Guard at Tower of London marching past a blue door on a series of brick buildings
Queen's Guard at Tower of London

Staycations, Canada and First Excursion into the States

We explored our own beautiful Province over the years and in the early 1990’s, we started doing self-driving trips onto the mainland (Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario) and I was the travel organizer. The internet was still quite new and I relied on printed maps and guide books to make plans, including what to see, where to stay and the actual driving route.

In 2007, on a detour to British Columbia on the way to visit family in Yellowknife NWT, my husband convinced to get me to go back to the USA again. By this time, the internet had gotten much better, and I planned our expedition into Washington and Oregon for a few days. After hours and hours of research, I figured out what to see, where to stay, where to shop (P.S. Oregon is tax-free!), and car rentals.

Twisting Coastline of Oregon with road in foreground and beaches and ocean in background
Twisting Coastline of Oregon

Who Knew there were Restrictions?

Yes PLURAL on car rentals…you see, you could only drive the rental to ONE State or Province directly adjacent to BC, so we could only drive to Alberta or Washington (and I assume NWT, Yukon or Alaska if we were heading north). To go into Oregon, we had to rent a car in Washington state, leave the first rental with them and drove into Oregon along part of the famous Route 101 that goes along the whole west coast of the US. There are quite a number of lighthouses along the pacific coast!

I found out after we returned, that a travel agent could have advised us about the restrictions…and I started to think…

lighthouse at Cape Perpetua in Oregon
Cape Perpetua in Oregon

The Epiphany

This little-known bump in the road with car rentals could have been quite costly if we hadn’t known about the restriction of where we could drive and rented the second car. And I only found out this info by fluke! The car rental company did NOT tell me about it.

So after this, I decided I should work with a travel agent for our travel planning. I’d still do research on the general plans of where to go, what to see, but I would reach out to my travel agent to book flights, car rentals, hotels and cruises. This way I knew my travel agent would know all about the little-known bumps in the road and steer us clear of those! And any other travel-related issues that popped up (before, during and after), they would be able to assist with.

And then I wondered....why can't I become my own travel agent? And guess what? I did!

sign on Santa Monica Beach - end of the trail of route 66
Santa Monica Beach

Why Did I Start this Blog?

I started this blog back in 2017....I've moved it to this shiny new website so it is easier to update and is easier to navigate for you!

I wanted to share my personal travel experiences (and photos) with everyone. Friends and family started asking me for travel advice.

So I've updated this blog post (and my older posts will be updated as well) to not only tell my stories but to share the lessons learnt from my travels, so that I can help other travellers like YOU!

Over time I'll add more of my older posts to this new website PLUS add new posts.

I hope you enjoy!

inside view of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy
Coliseum in Rome, Italy

20-Minute Complementary Love to Explore Session

I’d love to chat with you! In your Love to Explore session, we will spend about 20 minutes on the phone talking about your travel dreams. I’ll share with you tips and ideas. You’ll leave our call inspired and excited about possibilities!

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Hi, thanks for dropping by!

As an avid explorer and Travel Agent, I hope to inspire you to travel and explore the world, or even explore just outside your own backyard!

I’d love to give you a complimentary Love to Explore vacation planning session.  We’ll spend about 20 minutes on the phone talking about your travel dreams and budget.  I’ll share with you tips and ideas and explain how the process works to book through me.  You’ll leave our call inspired and excited about possibilities!


If you’re ready to plan your next great adventure, I’d love to help you get there! You can contact me by clicking below or emailing 

( to book your

20-minute Complementary Love to Explore Vacation Planning Session.

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